An apple tree caligraphy´s fragment

27/Jan/2019 - 28/Apr/2019

Exhibition in Centre de Documentació i Museu Tèxtil

The works shown in this exhibition tell the journey in space and time that a fabric makes when placed in a concrete environment, in this case a tree.

They belong to the series An Apple Tree Calligraphy, which at the same time is related to the textile intervention Envolvere 02 (2001-2009).

Territori Konvent

06/Jul/2018 - 08/Jul/2018

Residence in Konvent Puntzero

July 6,7 and 8 - 2018

Rosa Rodríguez / Joaquín Jara / Cesc Maldonado

(des)vestim(la) – interdisciplinary creation workshop

11/May/2018 - 13/May/2018

Konvent Puntzero

Workshop of interdisciplinary creation to intervene in the aesthetics of food traceability

Passiflorae. Presence / Appearance. Second part


Intervention-action in the Botanic Garden of the University of Valencia within the curatorial project Sensitive Cartografías - art and ecologies and the series of interventions in natural and urban environments.

The passiflora will grow and with its disturbing serpentine movement of climbing plant, just like the gesture that the needle makes when weaving, will weave on the fabric its own presence.

Photograph Ana Yturralde.

Passiflorae. Presence / Appearance. First part

22/Oct/2016 - 23/May/2017

Intervention in the space of the passion flowers , in the Botanical Garden of the University of Valencia.
Within the curatorial project of Eugenia Garcia Sottile Sensitive Cartografías - art and ecology and the series of interventions in natural and urban environments.

Botanical Garden of Valencia

08/Oct/2016 - 22/Oct/2016
Passiflorae. Presence / Appearance

Next intervention-action in the Botanical Garden of Valencia as part of the invetigation-action project Sensitive Catographies.

Space and Notation

30/Apr/2016 - 03/May/2016

Research Residence.
L´animal a l´esquena (Celrà)

The aim of this residency is to consolidate the first cycle of work on the research and creation project Sensitive Cartographies by Rosa Rodríguez (textile artist), Joaquín Jara (plastic artist) and Eugenia García Sottile(curator).

Based on key ideas of perception, space and co-presence, the project is beginning to create its own language, taking shape in two singular environments: the garden and the vegetable patch. These surroundings are formed both conceptually and as specific, physical spaces in the city of Valencia: the Botanical Gardens (UVEG) and the Huerta de Castellar.

Matter Trail. Studies for two interventions

15/Feb/2016 - 04/Apr/2016
Matter Trail. Exhibition Rosa Rodríguez y Joaquín Jara
Curator: Eugenia García Sottile
Exhibition Jardín Botánico de la Universidad de Valencia

The works are presented as studies in preparation for two interventions planned for the Botanical Garden. They recover the materials and gestures trough which a garden lives. Each piece takes shape using the elements which are generated from the succession of natural cicles, and the actions of the people who take care and nourish the garden.

During the creative process of the interventions, we focus our attention on the point where space and moverment meet, ¿What is the quality of the gesture that shapes a space?

Face Landscape

04/Jun/2015 - 26/Jul/2015

Face Landscape. Exposure Rosa Rodríguez and Joaquín Jara
Curator: Eugenia García Sottile
Exhibition at Octubre Centre Cultura Contemporània

Face and landscape look agree. The look is the surface where both are played and also where they overlap. Look qualities are at last, defining the distance and shape of the space.

The Landscape Skin


The landscape skin. conference action.
Auditorium Instituto Francés de Valencia

How do we perceive the city and what surrounds it? Wich analogies can we recognize and experiment between our own skin and the surface of our environment?

A dialog between theory and aesthetic thinking. With Joaquín Jara (Plastic artist), Rosa Rodríguez (textile artist) and Eugenia García Sottile (curator).